​Hi! I'm Carla. It is lovely to see you!

The String of Lights story begins with my journey toward healing. It has many chapters, but the most recent one includes an active commitment to yoga and meditation. Daily practice has, without a doubt, changed everything. 

Showing up on my mat consistently has aligned my mind, heart, and truth in a way that feels so good! It has cultivated ease in connecting with the present moment, using my breath to embrace what is while releasing what no longer serves me, and becoming the best version of myself. My days overflow with little rituals of love. I laugh louder and find time to play with my children more often. I make tea just because. I clear out my cluttered spaces. I move. I rest. I pause. I breathe. My world has become a bright string of lights as I readily tap into the Divine Energy alive inside and around me. Spending time with my heart and speaking to myself lovingly has also reignited my creative spark!

The idea for String of Lights grew out of the need for a dedicated place to write and create regularly. On my blog, you can anticipate lots of poetry and heartfelt stories about life, self-love, and the beautiful possibilities that can come from a deeper connection to the present. As my vision for String of Lights has grown, however, I realized that in addition to making a home for my work, what I have also been doing is writing a living love letter to myself. It is my sincerest hope that as you read the words I write, they will transform and be heard as if you were speaking them directly to your own heart.​

Thank you for joining me. I am so glad you're here!​​