• Carla


Crossing Animals

I never thought I would be one

to call doing what needs to be, “Fun.”

But give it a name

and say it’s a game,

I’ll spend hours getting it done!


The number doesn’t matter—

one million, two, or three—

stash ‘em in your catch-all drawer,

in case of emergen-sees!


Twirl, Wink, Giggle, Flirt.

Swish, swish, swish

that apron skirt!

Trail Mix

Bass thumping, I'm car-

dancing at the light. This is

my favorite song!


Loosen your limbs with giggles,

bend your knees with glee,

reach right down to touch your toes,

then wiggle merrily!

Pull up your chin with grins

Stronger middle? Try a riddle!

Lift some weight with levity,

a whole lot or a little!

Rotate through your reps,

maybe add a couple more.

Put the pep back in your step—

don’t stop laughing till you’re sore!

Thank you for joining me. I am so glad you’re here!


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