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Happy New Year from Brrr and Theodosia!

Oh, boy, y'all. My plants are so smart! If you've been reading my blog from the beginning, you already know the full history of these two lovelies. If not, feel free to search out the other posts about them under the "Brrr and Theodosia" tag. To sum it up, every plant I have tried to keep alive in the past has died. Brrr almost did too last year, but I managed to help him hang on, barely.

CUT TO: There I was, steadily watering them every other day, with both of them thriving for awhile and then shifting down from there to mostly alive and well. I say "mostly" because over the course of several months last fall I started to notice a growing infestation of tiny gnats in various parts of the house. At first, it was really difficult to pinpoint their source because they would pop up in the most random-seeming places in addition to the living room—the bathroom, the dinner table, the kitchen sink...pretty much everywhere. It was supremely annoying and perplexing.

Once the situation got bad enough, a small cloud of them would rise up while tending to Brrr and Theo as soon as the water hit their soil. Having found the source, now made obvious, I decided to investigate further as to the exact cause and potential solutions to the issue. After a zippy search on Google, I had my answer.

Wouldn't ya know it, the cause of the gnat infestation was me. More specifically, I was overwatering them and giving those literal buggers the perfect environment in which to grow, multiply, and thrive. And, like most times with my two plant buds (get it!?), it got me thinking:

Isn't the tendency to overdo it with the "fixing" and "caretaking" the story of our lives?

Haven't we been trained to throw everything full force at all problems the minute they arise?

Society shows us over and over again that solving or "getting things over with" as quickly as possible should be our main objective. Well, that, or just ignore the problem and pretend it will go away. The world at large would have us believe that there is no middle-ground choice in the matter. Everything is either an emergency or too much.

I would like to counter those ideas with my gnat conundrum as exhibit A: The more I watered Brrr and Theodosia, thinking I was doing right by them, the more flies I found collected in the proverbial ointment. I could have gone crazy trying to kill the bugs or just continued to ignore them and pretend they weren't getting worse, but the solution to my problem lay in something radically different than all of the examples we have regularly shouted at us from the crowd.

We can't control life's gnats showing up. They do that. It's their way. But, it is not always our job or even within our ability to actively make things better and ignoring them won't make them magically disappear either. Often times, waiting instead of jumping in right away and being the hero is the best way to figure out how to move forward. And damn it all, it is absolutely the hardest part.

I try to remember to focus on taking care of what I can in the moment and following that with a pause to actively observe while trusting that a proper solution will bubble up at the right time. Sometimes it will need to completely fall apart before then too.

It is absolutely enough to simply show up and just be here, right now.

I promise, the rest will work itself out...*ahem*...eventually.

Thank you for joining me. I am so glad you’re here!


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