• Carla

Beyond Beliefs


Is very well-intentioned

Which is why I wrestled it

Out of the box

After Christmas dinner,

Ignoring the countless times

I’ve wound up wearing

All the leftovers

It is responsible for

Sticks to itself and little else

Which is why I am sweating

Under my arms

After Christmas dinner,

Wondering where in the world

My lids keep on


Wandering off to again

Has been around since 1908

Which is why I keep trying

To make it work

After Christmas dinner,

Ripping with practiced hands and

Totally convinced

I must be the one

That is doing something wrong

What If

We stop clinging so desperately with our feet

to dead branches

and leave that to the snow?

Fly winter

south the


We succumb to newness and warmth when they come

claim our bodies

and crawl into our bones?


home the

Fly spring

You too

will new



will new

You too

Proper Instructions

1. (Hypothetically)

Build a structure from items

you can’t stop eating

2. (Precariously)

Hold together with sugar

piped into each crack

3. (Ostentatiously)

Decorate it with gumdrops

and put on display*


One entire side will cave

when you step away

With the Time We Have

One sock, one shoe, one step toward the street sign

One brick, one building, one block is just fine

One small corner of the city isn’t really that small

‘Cause in that quaint piece of real-estate you spend your days

You are known, you are loved, you are called by your name

That’s where the world is a canvas and you are the paint

One beat, one catch, one blank, emptied-out mind

One thought, one word, one line paired with a rhyme

One press of the pause button won’t waste time at all

‘Cause in that half-millisecond that you freeze the frame

To reset, to return, and rewrite the whole play

That’s when the world is a candle and you are the flame

Baby, you are the flame.

Thank you for joining me. I am so glad you’re here!


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