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Growing Places

Updated: Jan 3

I have never had a plant survive long enough to transplant it before, and now I have two. Brrr and Theodosia are, indeed, alive and well!

When I see the photo of them from March next to this photo I snapped of them last week, it is pretty obvious how much they've grown and kinda crazy to think that Brrr almost died at one point and Theodosia's leaves were once so sparse and small.

Both of their roots were so packed in their containers when I went to transplant them that they had no room left to grow. If I had not given them bigger pots, I am certain they would either be barely surviving or have died by now. Theodosia's new home was so big that she needed a two-inch buffer of dirt surrounding her on all sides just to stay upright. Brrr's contented sigh was almost audible as he stretched out in his new digs. I could feel the relief and gratitude radiating from both of them as they settled in.

I am fascinated by the way I can still pick out certain bends in their branches and specific groupings of leaves that are the same between the two photos. The ways they have thickened up and filled out makes me so happy. The gaps that once existed in their foliage have been filled up with their being. Brrr and Theodosia are both familiar and brand new all at the same time.

Life seems to be handing me increasingly bigger pots these days, and sometimes those challenges leave me feeling unsteady and wanting to stay where I've gotten comfortable. Sometimes I feel ready for them but only with the aid of some extra dirt to stay upright and fill the gaps while I grow into it. Sometimes those opportunities even bring relief as I take deep breaths in the extra space, all while sinking into the unfamiliar. At times, it's been a combination of all that and more.

Every moment I lean into what life hands me, I am choosing to step out of what I know, and that can be scary. I have found myself fighting to shrink and squeeze back into the places I felt safe, but doing so also sacrifices a chance to grow into the fullest version of who I can become. I know that the choice is up to me whether I want to be forced into a new pot or to choose to move on my own when life calls for it. I also know that one path leads to my heart buried in resentment over what never was and all that I'm not and the other leads to a heart flowering with gratitude for what is (and isn't!), what I am, and all that I will be.

People are not all that different from plants, it turns out:

A solid root system is essential.

We need to stay hydrated, get plenty of sunshine, and nourish ourselves with good

food to live our best lives.

When we outgrow our habits, job, relationships, environment, or life, the only way to

change our situation is stepping out of our comfort zone and into something bigger.

Growth takes time and, from the outside, often looks like nothing at all. Sometimes it

feels like that from the inside too.

So, in closing, I leaf you with this:

When life hands you a bigger pot—even if it feels impossible, even if you find yourself stuck, even if you feel the most afraid you've ever felt—don't give up and trust that leap of faith.

You're bound to get wherever it is you're growing.

Thank you for joining me. I am so glad you’re here!


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