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Head Lines

Updated: May 13, 2021

To-Doodle List

Bossy little rooster livin’ down the way

Starts out every mornin’ with an awful lot to say.

I have since informed him (and now I'm tellin' you),

“I’ll do what I want to doodle-oodle-do!”

Manners Bot

I’m sorry I am crying.

I’m sorry I got mad.

I’m sorry I just said a thing

That made you feel bad.

I’m sorry I am yawning.

I’m sorry I was late.

I’m sorry that my tardiness

Piled more up on your plate.

I’m sorry I am leaving.

I’m sorry I’ve moved on.

I’m sorry that my loving me

Has made you feel wrong.

This Bot is automatic,

No need to push or press.

It’s so good at excusing times

When you feel hurt or stressed.

If ever comes a day

That the batteries run down,

You could choose to recharge it,

But why not toss it out?

Upside Down

Lately, I’d been topsy-turvy, lotsa lonely, feelin’ surly.

Early birds kept missin’ meetin’s, squirmy earworms kept on tweetin’;

Stubborn rabbits took a stroll and wandered too far down their holes!

I’d got caught up in the middle, cryin’ lots and likin’ little.

All my clutter needed cleanin’, and my ears had took to steamin’!

So, one day I said, “FORGET IT!” (I decided to accept it.)

Helped my brain get more selective; ushered in some fresh perspective!

Right away things started changin’—Universal rearrangin’—

What had filled me with such dread, went and switched its feet and head!

Silly me, I just forgot. (I forget things quite a lot.)

I adjusted what's expected, turned within, and course-corrected!

Try it out and you, maybe, will remember just like me...

That a MOM turned upside down can be a WOW.

I Love you and I Like You

Dear Body, you’re my partner.

Together we have roamed,

My insides covered perfectly

By skin and brawn and bone.

You’ve carried me through tragedy,

We’ve braved the wooly wild;

You shored up dams that broke in me

The night we grieved our child.

We’ve laughed and laughed incessantly,

Danced and stretched and run;

You’ve opened what was locked in me,

Once tangled, now undone.

So many years I hated you,

And cursed my butt, my thighs;

I sighed while holding in my gut

(I’ve always liked my eyes).

I’m sorry I mistreated you,

I wished for something else;

When I speak these words to you,

I finally like myself.

Nomads, rovers, wanderers,

Seekers, thick as thieves;

My home, my friend,

Thrice humble host—

I pledge my love to thee.

Thank you for joining me. I am so glad you’re here!


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