• Carla

In Memoriam

To the Fly I Just Killed

You flew in through an open door.

What a rotten invitation!

An easy mistake to make,

ended with a rotten situation.

No, there is no fault here.

We only learn from our mistakes.

This was your one and only hand,

dealt with pretty rotten stakes.

I hope the end was painless.

It was sudden, to be sure!

You found out (in the most rotten way)

another meaning for manure.

In Memoriam

The clock won’t let me forget that it is already eleven.

With clipboard and stopwatch in its hands,

glasses slipping down its nose just so,

it stares over the rims at me on an exasperated sigh.

The tisk of its tongue is quick to point out my careless waste.

Minutes cover the ground like crumbs,

while I, a desperate bird,

try to make a meal out of scraps.

I rush around collecting each bit before it blows away.

As quickly as I swallow, I find myself hungry again.

Such is the emptiness without you,

much farther away than you appear.

Picture Day

You know the way the light in our refrigerator doesn’t always come on when the door is open?

It’s supposed to, but it was like that even when it was brand new.

We thought about returning or fixing it and even read the manual several times in vain.

After awhile, we realized that our fridge still worked just fine—

the freezer freezes our food and makes ice,

our cucumbers are kept perfectly cool,

and water flows from it freely when we need a drink.

There are so many reasons to love our refrigerator,

even with a light that won’t turn on just because someone told it to.


Time travel is easy.

Keep one foot in and one foot out,

unchain your brain, tie up your heart, turn off the light,

and quietly close the door.

Thoughts and feelings separate,

becoming the church and the state—

equally early, equally late—in two places, three, or four.

There are those that will loudly insist,

“That’s what it’s all about,” with six more verses to go.

Without the whole picture there’s no way to tell,

it’s impossible to know if you’ve left any parts on the floor.

What is the point in dragging your feet?

Half of you doomed to be doing those things

that have just been done before.

Thank you for joining me. I am so glad you’re here!


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