• Carla

Out of the Ring

The Flood

Just wait down by the river, a boat is bound to come.

Vain philosophizing spills out like water rising,

the graveyard’s long been done.

Are you ready for the flood?

Shore up for the winter, while whispers blow around.

Stone faces guard fearful places,

but only idly stand their ground.

Are you ready for the flood?

Fire up the projector, let the film run free.

Shadows showing through deep holes grown in you,

the light won’t let them be.

They're out for blood this time, they’ve got your number too.

Yes, they’re out for blood this time and they’re coming after you.

Are you ready for the flood?

It Begins with Me

I am one, but where it starts

Fluid mind, strong hands, and a whole heart

Swimming the sun, forged by fire

Steady aim, winding path, reclaiming power

Shaking, aching, finding, freed

Drinking light and sound, gaining ground and gaining speed

I am one, standing tall, feeling brave and done with small.

It begins with me.


Flip the switch, plug it in

Take the leap and take it in

Fall apart, on your face

Take up room but give it space

Swirling, shaking, dizzy dancer

Take your aim—cut out the cancer

Feeding, gulping, gasping, choking

Rising, laughing, guns are smoking

The cruel joke that finally broke you

That same idea what finally woke you

Hang your hat, don't hang your head

Trust this rocky path you tread

There's gonna be a revolution

From the Exception

I aim to be a megaphone for the voiceless, but some tell me that I should make noise less.

Instead, I just get louder, shout it out in surround sound.

Sound off for the innocents, ones never meant to get caught in the sniper lens,

or the catastrophe of all the things you should but could not be.

For generations, your mother and hers before, beat their children down with fists to the floor.

I am not your enemy.

You’re fighting with a memory, perpetuating toxic history.

You’re no better, even if you only ever lay words into me.

This is my reality:

Scars no one else can see ensure deniability.

They excuse responsibility, negate vulnerability.

All the things you do, done in the name of fake security.

Now I take the future in my own hands, put on music for a slow dance.

I’ll turn this tragedy into a romance.

I only give my best for my own fam, facing down my demons like:

“Whoa, man.”

Try to hurry it along, fall down, then I start again.

I am not the end.

The ground I’ve gained won’t fade away like some Twitter trend.

This will reverberate through my children and their children after them.

I’ve forgiven you. I forgive myself.

Haven’t broken yet, but I’ve learned to bend.

I’ve become my own best friend.

I’m not perfect, but I’m on the mend.

My heart’s wide open to let love pour in.

Out of the Ring

Stretch me out long and thin

to find where old me ends and new begins.

A fresh timeline. A mended chain.

A skipping record spins again.

Thank you for joining me. I am so glad you’re here!


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