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Resistance Loops

Updated: Sep 14, 2021

Life calls us to openness in order to expand our minds, hearts, and spirits with strength and grace. Life calls us to step into the things that threaten to hold us down with courage. It is up to us to build our strength and awareness so that we are ready and able to answer its call.

The fitness program I am following right now has the option to add resistance loops into some of the workouts to add a more advanced level. Any time I work with loops they are usually tedious at best. When—if—I can get them positioned correctly, they are a great way to challenge my stability. Most of the time, though, they end up rolling in on themselves immediately and I have to pause and adjust them infinity times, which is really interruptive to my flow.

My instructor had us using the loops the other day just above our knees for some inner and outer thigh work in a squat position. As we finished one set, she directed us to switch from working on our mat to our barre without removing our loops. She gave us those directions along with a deliberate comment about how to do so safely—keeping our core engaged, knees bent, and legs further apart as we waddled our way over. As per usual, my loop started to curl at the edges the minute I tried to take a step. I stopped for a second to fix it and noticed that my knees had sunk in toward each other. So, instead of fixing my band, I adjusted my knees and continued to my destination, and the loop did not collapse into itself further.

Intellectually, I am aware of why the band won't stay put as I move, but it doesn't stop me from needing to check in on my form regularly. If I don't, my mind and body are not acting as one. When my mind and body are disconnected and I am not purposed in my movement the loop lets me know and the loop does not lie.

Fear challenges us with added resistance in our daily lives. When we forget to move through it with intention and connect into our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual integrity, we begin to collapse under the pressure and we get trapped inside our own loops. Thoughts and actions seem to repeat out of our control even if what we want more than anything is to stop doing and experiencing those things. The longer we go without pushing back against the pressure, the longer we avoid the vulnerability necessary in the process of growth and the more readily we lose our strength. Inevitably, we begin to collapse in on ourselves, sliding deeper and deeper into victimhood.

When you find yourself in a place you no longer desire to be and feel powerless to get yourself out of it; when your life seems to keep happening to you, at you, or against you; when you are stuck on the verge of collapse...

That is the time to take heart. Sit still and spend time observing the ways you are moving through your days with curious honesty. Adjust what needs adjusting in yourself to step back into your power; carefully waddle your way back toward where you want to go with intention and precision. Life happens. Challenges will come and it is not our job to change that. Face your fear and own your actions with clarity and courage. The more you practice doing so, the stronger your connection with your mind, heart, and spirit will become. The stronger you become, the more ease you will find in answering life's call with strength and grace.




If you do collapse, don't give up.

That is how stars are born.

Thank you for joining me. I am so glad you’re here!


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