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Staying Alive

Updated: Jan 3

Meet Brrr and Theodosia!

Theodosia was a gift for O, my daughter, after she performed "Dear Theodosia" from Hamilton for Lip Sync (a talent show with lip sync acts) at school. Theodosia has lived in this window for a long time now, but was in my daughter's room at the beginning. After she had been with us awhile, we noticed that Theodosia was starting to look a little droopy. We suspected that though she was getting a lot of ambient light in O's room, there wasn't enough direct sun. It was decided to find her a new spot and we chose the living room window seat, where she is now.

Brrr (the cutie in the ice cream cone) was a gift for my birthday, and although I am not sure what type of plant he is, he has this little yellow flower that pops out once in awhile to say hello. Originally residing on my kitchen island, he basically died. (It was close, people!) Since Theodosia had done so well in the living room window, we thought we'd try moving Brrr there too. At that point, he didn't have a name and was referred to most often as "the plant I got for my birthday" when he needed watering. As soon as we put him next to Theodosia, though, it became obvious that Brrr is who he is. In addition to more direct sunlight, I truly believe calling Brrr by his name is what first started him on his way to recovery.

Yesterday, I was watching the birds and squirrels in our front yard and noticed that Brrr and Theodosia were holding each other. I thought back to how many times they've been bumped by butts, lifted and put back when being watered, and held by little hands. There is not one time that either of them have been moved that Brrr and Theodosia don't end up touching again somehow. It might take a few days, but they always get there.

They are both thriving now.

Brrr spoke the truth of who he is. He and Theodosia both asked directly for what they weren't getting from the people who care for them. In turn, we started calling Brrr by his name and they both received the sunlight they so desperately needed. Regardless of how or where they get shifted, they always turn back to find each other. Those are the things that brought them back to life.

How simple.

Grow tall in your truth. Turn toward those who love you. Thrive.

Thank you for joining me. I am so glad you're here!


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