• Carla

Stepping In(to) It

Updated: May 13, 2021

Get Dressed

Going for a jog?

Lace up your run-derwear!

Tail wagging like a dog’s?

You’ve found your fun-derwear!

Too much fill your plate?

Might have on ton-derwear!

Not feeling really great?

Bust out your stun-derwear!

Want to laugh a little while?

Try on your pun-derwear!

Life been seeming like a trial?

Freshen your wonder-wear!

Headed to the lake?

Gather your sun-derwear!

Make a big mistake?

Oopsie (a blunder-pair)!

As you get up every day,

Prep for things to go your way.

It won’t matter if you slay

When you’ve shown up dressed to play!

Rotate some or the whole range,

They are easy to exchange!

And if you really want to change,

Design some done-derwear.

Muscle Memory

Where I live,

cash cannons give out high fives.

Where I live,

soft mittens make the firmest snowballs.

Where I live,

inner tubes are preferred transportation.

Where I live,

hands are maps and gifted composers.

Where I live,

I celebrate.

I lead.

I float.

I follow.

I create.

Where I live,

I practice, practice, practice.


To make the most waves

Stop brushing and let it be

And don’t wash so much

Out the Window

Acorns are nuts.

Squirrels are too.

Bold fluff-pirates,

tree trapezists,

snow mound mountaineers.

Nest curators,

savvy scavengers,

pint-sized pocket knives-

ready for whatever.






Peanut butter is totally nuts.

Challenge accepted.


Today is a promise to smear the ashes from once frantic fires.

Today is a witness that hope still spreads from solid ice into liquid blue.

Today is a call for sunflower crowns made of those that follow you.

Thank you for joining me. I am so glad you’re here!


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