• Carla

Stones and Bridges

Updated: Feb 15

Ordering a Day off the Pandemic Menu

I’ll have the baked potato, please.

Skip the butter.

Nope. No cheese either.

Hold the sour cream.

Bring me a baked potato, please,

the drier and plainer the better.

Peacock Wisdoms

I. Must

you keep

shaking your

feathers like that?

Your cries cover miles.

Are you lonely

or should we

brace for


II. One

by one,

layers of

eyes upon eyes,

lapis lazuli,

eyes upon eyes

and still we

see it


III. Kill


snake that dares

threaten the ways

of what we believe.

Keep us tucked in

warm nests of


to the



The thing I think is the thing.

Some things turn out they’re not.

What is the thing I was thinking it is?

The thing is, I think I forgot.


Deep in your very own neck of the woods, lives a creature not often beheld.

(Any photos or evidence that she exists never seem to develop that well.)

She spreads sass between Douglas and pine and owns every maple and oak.

Never fear when she’s near about looking cool, her effortless charm is no joke.

Arm in furry arm, she’s your ride-or-die. She’s too big to sit on your shoulder.

She’ll tell whatever to get out your way, and you’ll never regret that you know her.

Call on Yassquatch when you most need help being boldest, bravest, and best.

Don’t be surprised at her voice from inside you, though.

Her fists beat your very own chest.

The Strong Force

All that we reach for repels us,

or so the logic of physics tells us:

We’ve never sat in a chair.

We’ve never laid on the floor.

We’ve never flipped a single switch.

We’ve only repulsed a door.

We’ve never worn any jewelry.

We’ve never worn any jeans.

We’ve never worn any anything.

We’ve merely skimmed between seams.

We’ve never ever held hands.

We’ve never cuddled or hugged.

We’ve never touched or been touched at all,

but we’ve most certainly loved.


At the edge of the water, friends greet each other.

We stand contented witnesses to this pop-up reunion.

How long have they waited for this moment,


save for someone’s thought to open the lid?

Thank you for joining me. I am so glad you’re here!


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