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To Be The Moon

Updated: Feb 21

To Be The Moon

On the water the light changes, stars disappear.

The moon stays behind,

a bright, wavering tip of a fingernail,

tapping on windows the world over,

comfort to those falling asleep

and beacon to those who are waking.

Shadow Run

Every single day, get up in the dark. I move in the dark. I’m alone with my beating heart.

Each and every time that I run, up before the sun, not to run away but to hit the restart.

Swift in the light of the street, light on my feet, moving steadily. My feet set me free.

Drumming electricity, taking charge, living large. I am cosmic energy, loving honesty, optimistic positivity.

Mind like a trap, clapping back at your dishonesty. Can’t disguise all the lies and your compromised integrity.

I’ll keep running up the sun, never done in by the pitch black. Shadow at my side, matching me stride for stride.

I’m not looking back.

The Difference

Fifty pairs of shoes, brand new, for the centipede.

Coolin’ in his kicks, schoolin’ with the kids (yeah, a centipede).

Walkin’ to his own beat, runnin’ late for class, comin’ from the office with a pass.

Teacher’s at the board teachin’ math, preachin’ math.

She’s a little mad, buggin’ that this bug is bad.

So, she calls him up, he crawls up to the front, draggin’ all his feet and feelin’ sad.

A hundred minus one, that’s the problem she wants done.

The centipede chokes on her joke, got a stick in his spokes, voice caught in his throat.

Says she’s only teasin’, but she’s really gettin’ even.

Everybody’s laughin’ at the bug the teacher’s slappin', every single one except he.

Can’t subtract from his limbs, take away a piece of him.

It may not make sense, but it makes a difference:

The centipede decreased would cease to be.


From the deep,

break the surface.

Lift your eyes up,

keep your chin up,

let yourself be lit up

by everything you see.

Thank you for joining me. I am so glad you’re here!


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